Dynamic Rules?

Dynamic Rules?

What if everything is dynamic and these dynamic things are bound to the laws that created everything?
This is the question in which I find myself asking and wanting to dive deeper to understand.

As I read Billy’s and FIGU’s writings, I have come to realize that the laws in which everything follows are not always similar to the laws in which we human beings create or follow. We are always learning and finding new things about nature and it’s related classes and subclasses. Soon we will know a lot more about space and the universe. These new things, in which we are learning and finding, alter our rules/laws that we create in our lands/country. Like the seat belt law. When this law was first created many did not like it, but now we have come to understand the importance of it. 


This brings me to my main topic. It is important to realize that what we ‘think/believe’ to be true is not always the case. At one point in time people thought the world was flat, and then later realized this could not be the case. Many people might disagree, however I have yet to find anyone who can create a model of the weather by using a flat Earth. Science has created so many things that has made our life so much easier, but at the same time it is also creating new assumptions/dogmas. For example, in Bruce H. Lipton’s book “The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles” (ISBN: 978-1-4019-2311-2) the intro states the following:


“I had come to question not only Darwin’s dog-eat-dog version of evolution but also biology’s Central Dogma, the premise that genes control life. That scientific premise has one major flaw–genes cannot turn themselves on or off. In more scientific terms, genes are not ‘self-emergent’. Something in the environment has to trigger gene activity. Though that fact had already been established by frontier science, conventional scientists blinded by genetic dogma had simply ignored it. My outspoken challenge of the Central Dogma turned me into even more of a scientific heretic. Not only was I a candidate for excommunication, I was now suitable for burning at the stake!”


Here he explains that many people think genes control the outcome of our life, but cutting edge science is now finding out this is not the case at all. Just because it’s in the genes does not mean that it must be expressed/triggered. He also states, in that quote, that the environment has to trigger gene activity, which can be done in so many ways. One of them can be our diet.


Before I give my example of this. I want to teach you the German word ‘Prüfung’.

The noun means: examination, proof, trial

Verb form ‘prüfen’ meaning:  to test, to examine


When I first saw this word in Billy’s writings, I had never really related it back to beliefs. However, over time, I have come to realize the only way we can truly know if something is true, is to test it out or to examine its contents for ourselves. 

Before I joined FIGU, I created a quote that I live by and that quote is, “If something is true then it can be found for yourself”. I started to learn all kinds of things because it was the only way for me to understand and to truly test and examine them, so I could know the truth in them. I did not have Billy to help speed up this process. 


However, back to the ‘Prüfung’, that is proof, of the above statement of DNA, which some think/believe is the reason for many of their issues. I give you David Sinclar, the guy who is trying to ‘reverse aging’. To me, he is a scientist to according to its true meaning. I have enjoyed listening to his optimism and yet he has given me all kinds of ‘proof’ that DNA is not the determining factor of life.


In David Sinclar’s book ‘Lifespan: Why We Age―and Why We Don’t Have To’ (ISBN: 9780008292348) it is stated:


“He [a student that David is teaching] reminded me that his mother had been taking supplemental NMN [Nicotinamide mononucleotide], as some of my students and their family members do. «The thing is, well»-his voice lowered to a whisper-«she has started her, um… cycle again.»

It took me a few seconds to realize what cycle he was talking about.

As women approach and go through menopause, the menstrual cycle can become quite irregular, which is why a year with no periods must go by before most doctors will confirm that menopause has occurred. After that, such bleeding can be a cause for concern, as it could be a sign of cancer, fibroid tumors, infections, or an adverse reaction to a medication.

«Has she been seen by a doctor?» I asked.

«Yes,» my student said again. «The doctors say there is nothing wrong. They said this just looks like a normal period.»

I was intrigued. «Okay,» I said. «What we really need is more information. Can you give your mom a call to ask her some more questions?»

I’ve never seen the color so quickly wash away from someone’s face.

«Oh, David,» he pleaded, «please, please, pleeease don’t make me ask my mother any more questions about that!»

Since that conversation, which took place in the fall of 2017, I have known a couple of other women and read the accounts of others claiming to have had similar experiences. These cases could, perhaps, be the result of a placebo effect. But a trial in 2018 to test whether an NAD [Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide] booster could restore the fertility of old horses was successful, surprising the skeptical supervising veterinarian. As far as I know, horses don’t experience the placebo effect.

Still, these stories and clinical results could be random chance. These matters will be studied in much greater detail. If, however, it turns out that mares and women can become fertile again, it will completely overturn our understanding of reproductive biology.

In school, our teachers taught us that women were born with a set number of eggs (perhaps as many as 2 million). Most of the eggs die off before puberty. Almost all the rest are either released during menstruation throughout the course of a woman’s life or just die off along the way, until there are no more. And then, we were told, a woman is no longer fertile. Period.


So you can tell from this statement that David wanted to know more about this person, by asking questions and not making assumptions on what his student told him. This also clearly shows that inputs, from our diet, can affect the genes. In this case, NMN (Nicotinamide mononucleotide) can cause the DNA segments to be turned off and on, thus altering us. DNA is clearly part of all living things and lives by it’s created laws and are not changeable, but how we interact with it, as I call it, is a ‘dynamic rule’.


Assumptions get us all in trouble. We have all, at some point, been mislabeled and disliked it, yet we all do it to each other. There used to be a saying my dad would tell me, “Boy, you need to ‘think before you speak’”  I am just now realizing how wise these words are. I am trying to think before I do a lot of things now.


In Contact 748, Ptaah gives the reason for him and his folks not meeting with the folks of Earth. However, that is another topic for another day. What I found interesting about what he said is the fact that it gave some insight into what we could do, in order to one day meet with other non-Earth folks.

Nun, es mag wenige ausserhalb des Gros der Erdenmenschen geben, die sich bewusst bemühen, alle tief in ihrem Charakter niedergehaltenen schlechten und bösartigen Eigenschaften zu kontrollieren, damit sie nicht abrupt oder halbwegs kontrolliert zum Ausbruch kommen. Now, there are few amongst the mass of the Earth human beings, which consciously make an effort to control all bad and evil characteristics held deep down in their character, with the purpose that it does not abruptly or halfway controlled come to expression.
Dies jedoch sind Menschen, die selbst denken und ihren eigenen Lebensweg bestimmen, und zwar ohne eine religiöse oder anderweitige Glaubenseinbildung, folglich sie darauf bedacht sind, ihr Leben und Dasein folgerichtig zu gestalten. However, these are human beings, which think for themselves and determine their own way of life and indeed without a religious presumption or any other illusion of beliefs, consequently they are concerned about logically shaping their life and existence.  


If DNA really is an off and on switch, then the ‘bad and evil characteristics’ that live deep inside of us can also be turned off and by each human being making an effort to do such a thing is a ‘dynamic rule’ that we are all creating inside of us. NOTHING IS EASY AT FIRST. The point is not to think about how hard it is, but to try and try to make it so, until one day, war is something no one has experienced on Earth, rather something we only read about in history books!


Oh yeah, The last part of that paragraph Ptaah states the following:

Dies jedoch sind Erdenmenschen wie die lernenden Mitglieder der FIGU, die sich mit der Schöpfungslehre befassen, sich damit auseinandersetzen und das Erlernte positiv nachvollziehen und durch Eigenkontrolle weitgehend frei von solcherart Ausartungen werden, wie ich sie beschrieben habe. However, these earth human beings are like the learning members of FIGU, who work with the teachings of creation, set themselves apart from others and positively comprehend the long term-learning and through their own control are further free from all sorts of Ausartungen [out of control of the good human nature], like I have described them.

~S.H.H. of FIGU-Carolina — 2020