FIGU-Carolina Rules

Group is herein defined as “FIGU-Interessengruppe für Missionswissen Carolina”
Visting Participants are herein defined as approved individuals who reside in the USA & Canada.
FIGU-Carolina Members are defined by Rule 8.
Locals are herein defined as those who reside within the Carolinas and those in the proximity of the Carolinas in states without groups.




Study Group Meeting:


1. For Visiting Participants, FIGU-Carolina Members, and Locals – First Monday of the Month Study Group Meetings are from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. (EST).


2. Meeting times for FIGU-Carolina Members and Locals:

    • Along with the first Monday of the month, we meet on the second Monday of the month online in the application called Element.
    • We meet in person once in a 3-month cycle (quarter).
    • We meet for the second peace meditation on the third Saturday of the month online in the application called Element.


3. Official Meeting on the last Monday of the month. 8 p.m. – 10 p.m. (EST)


4. Absentee is responsible for updating himself/herself on what was read during the last study meeting which will be updated in the meeting-notes discord channel after each reading.


5. A Summary will be sent to FIGU at the end of every 3 months, after being reviewed at our Official Meeting.
    • What we have done.
    • What we are doing now.
    • What we will continue doing


6. Consideration shall be given to sensitive topics prior to posting on the website and all publishings shall be reviewed by the Group.


6a. Submissions for the newsletter shall be submitted for review at the Official Meeting by May of each year. Can share or read things that we wrote during the in-person meeting.


6b. Newsletter shall be published at the end of October of each year.


7. Topics shall be voted on when 3/4 of the FIGU-Carolina Members are present and a unanimous agreement is required for all rules, regulations, resolutions and decisions, but if an agreement can not be reached, then 2/3 of the group needs to agree.-If a vote personally affects an individual, that person is not allowed to vote on his/her own item.


8. FIGU-Carolina Membership


a. FIGU-Carolina Members are defined as individuals, who come to at least 2 in-person meetings during a year.


b. If someone resides in a nearby US state or US territory without an interest group, they may become a FIGU-Carolina Member, so long as they meet the above requirement. If two or more people (passive members) from a nearby US state or US territory reside in the same US state or US territory, then they shall break off and form their own group when the time comes.


c. One may request to become a FIGU-Carolina Member after meeting the rule 8a requirement. FIGU-Carolina Members have the right to vote on group matters. If a FIGU-Carolina Member is going to be absent, he/she shall inform the Group, and the Group can vote as to whether or not to waive the meeting requirement on a case-by-case basis. Attendance tallies are made at the end of each of the following 4 quarters. (Dec-Feb, Mar-May, Jun-Aug, Sep-Nov)
Persons, who are members, who don’t show up for the Official Meeting for 3 months in a row without giving a reason for their absence, will then lose membership.


9. Participation:


a. One can participate in the Monday Meetings or In-person Meetings, but they must seek participation out of their own initiative*, through the “Contact Us” page on the website which may be shared by anyone. In order to meet In-person, one must attend at least 1 Monday meeting online. In any case, you must check with the group for approval before bringing a new guest or sharing a public link to the chat unless they are a FIGU Passive member. When someone requests to join, they will be sent a set of questions, or asked in person/online. The FIGU-Carolina Members will be informed at this point and a vote will be held, to be completed in one week or less. If someone gives a negative vote, then at the Official Meeting, the disagreement will be brought up and voted upon. If the group unanimously votes against allowing the person requesting to participate, then the decision stands. Otherwise, they will be allowed to participate.
* Refer to “FIGU in a Nutshell,” #36


b. Visiting Participants may put forward suggestions and/or comments, and those items shall be discussed during the Official Meeting.


c. Reading, whether in German or English, is always optional.


10. The Group structure follows the FIGU Statutes, which can be found, as well as the interest group rules, found


11. In-person Meeting: The group members shall agree upon a place and time for a quarterly in-person meeting. Planning begins during the first Official Meeting of the quarter. Email to be sent out to both members and locals. Any passive members within the USA or Canada who request to come to an in-person meeting can be added to the email invite.


12. During translations, if words are disagreed upon, then an explanation will be given by each party of how they think the translated word fits the German word better than the other, and everyone will decide/vote after these explanations. If deadlocked or if someone needs time to think before an explanation is given, then it will be tabled until the next meeting.


13. If anyone attending the meeting breaks a rule, a reminder will be given. If a rule is broken a second time, a formal fair warning will be given. Any time after the second violation, the FIGU-Carolina Members will vote to decide how to handle the situation.


Guidelines & Recommendations:


1. Care should be taken by all to keep all group and personal matters private unless explicit permission is obtained. In addition, the discussion of other groups’ or persons’ private matters should be avoided during meetings.
– Refer to Article 2a, letters c. through f. of the FIGU Statutes.


2. Attendance at both end-of-the-month meetings is urged for all FIGU-Carolina Members.